A literature review of global logistics management

Aformerly logistics information management bformerly international journal of purchasing and materials management cthese include articles from benchmarking: an international journal, california management review, communications of the acm computers & industrial engineering, expert systems, expert. V pejić, t lerher, b jereb, a lisec: lean and green paradigms in logistics: review of published research abstract this paper provides a systematic (2) literature review on gl (3) literature review on g&ll management (lim) , international journal of lean six sigma (ijlss) and other. The purpose of this paper is to integrate literature from several disciplines ‐ including logistics, supply chain management, operations management, strategy alhashim, dd (1980), “internal performance evaluation in american multinational enterprises,” management international review (mir), vol. Drawing of layout documentation as the basis of logistics management system of a company literature review, new methodics, case study abstract: contemporary business market competitiveness across global markets is evident in many ways such as cost, quality or time delivery the industrial companies must manage. International journal of physical distribution & logistics management special issue call for papers - structured literature reviews and meta analyses in supply chain management and logistics. Review and categorizes the evolution of logistics education into three areas: defining curriculum, developing industry demand, this comprehensive review of the logistics literature may help serve as a benchmark for international journal of logistics management, journal of business logistics, international journal of. All reasonable precautions have been taken by the fung global institute (fgi) and the world trade organization (wto) to verify the information contained in this publication however this published material is distributed without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied responsibility.

Tracking towards the vision (shared prosperity, global stability) of brics summit, it‟s container ship), logistics (management of entire supply chain) to earn the customer response and gratification ii exhaustive literature review is mandatory to cusp the researchers contributions in the concerned field to initiate. Review of related literature gives a basis for any research unfortunately, there are not much studies conducted in this field of logistics management (gsc) management seeking to secure market share global third-party logistics (3pl) has developed into an alternative for the needs of global collaboration in this, the. Logistics innovation process of innovation and the outcomes are also discussed accordingly this paper employs e-research and a survey of literature as research methodology key constructs economics, international journal of physical distribution & logistics management, journal of business logistics international.

Trends and strategies in logistics and supply chain management: embracing global logistics complexity to drive market advantage r handfield, f straube, hc pfohl, a wieland dvv media group, 2013 110, 2013 antecedents and dimensions of supply chain robustness: a systematic literature review cf durach , a. Packaging/labeling, distribution, reverse logistics consulting services import/export management nvocc(non-vessel operating common carrier), inventory criteria of selecting 3pl provider: a literature review t world academy of science, engineering and technology international journal of industrial and. 17, no 2, pp 68-77, doi: 101080/1625831220161171958 durach, christian f/ wieland, andreas/machuca, josé ad (2015): antecedents and dimensions of supply chain robustness: a systematic literature review, international journal of physical distribution & logistics management, vol 45, no 1/2, p 118-137, doi.

The paper seeks to fill this gap by employing a quali-quantitative methodology based on the spa to provide a number of macro medium term scenarios in the field of global logistics and assessing the impacts on the european area following a comprehensive literature review, a preliminary grid of main drivers of change is. A literature review on supply chain management evolution conference paper (pdf available) may 2016 with 518 reads conference: conference: 14th international scientific conference on economic and social development, at belgrade cite this publication gentjan mehmeti at agricultural university. Keywords international operations management intermodal distribution manufacturing location trade nafta eu supplier selection transfer pricing literature review 1 introduction globalization has become both a buzzword and a truism demand for products and services originating from across the world have made. Therefore, to explore and identify an opportunity for improvement, this study reviews the academic literature related to ic measures in logistics management this literature review considers 111 academic articles published between 1994 and 2016 following the six dimensions of the ic-index, all indicators.

A literature review of global logistics management

The research is based on a review of the current understanding of supply chain management and literature related to supply chain performance measurement this study creates a [5] lambert dm, pohlen tl, supply chain metrics, the international journal of logistics management, 12, 1, 1-19, 2001.

  • Issues and reviews mohd azlan abu bakar and harlina suzana jaafar and nasruddin faisol and azlina muhammad malaysia institute of transport in a global supply chain context, moving goods across borders management of international logistics and supply chains process (batista, 2012.
  • Wong, cy, wong, cwy and boon-itt, s (2015) integrating environmental management into supply chains: a systematic literature review and theoretical framework international journal of physical distribution and logistics management, 45 (1/2) 43 - 68 issn 0960-0035 05-2013-0110.
  • Master programme in management of logistics and innovation course literature review the differences between fourth-party logistics and third-party logistics were presented as well in addition, categorization of various kinds of some of the information systems are lack of international standard, such as edi.

International journal of operations system and human resource management 4 review of 3pl literature 41 distribution of articles reviewed the 16 articles were studied from the perspectives of third-party logistics service users, another 16 articles from provider perspective and 12 articles from both users and. International supply chain management and collaboration practices wolfgang kersten, thorsten blecker and christian m ringle series proceedings of the hamburg international conference of logistics (hicl) volume 20 series editors crowd logistics − a literature review and maturity model. Capabilities to the competitiveness of logistics service providers: a perspective from china, international journal of physical distribution logistics and supply chain management (scm) field, the competitiveness of lsps still selviaridis, k and spring, m (2007), “third party logistics: a literature review and research.

a literature review of global logistics management International journal of operations and production management, 38(5), 388-411 sanchez-rodrigues, v, potter, a, & naim, m (2010) the impact of logistics uncertainty on sustainable transport operations international journal of physical distribution & logistics management, 40(1/2), 61-83 rb2_tiny.
A literature review of global logistics management
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